The Art and Design of Danielle Bailey Creative Direction, UI Design, User Experience Design, Technical Art


Danielle focuses on crafting unique user experiences and dreaming up delightful imaginary worlds.


Danielle is a digital artist and designer, currently working in the Vancouver games industry.

Creative Direction

5 years experience managing small and agile art teams, leading art direction for mobile games and brand identity.


A range of experience designing for web, e-Learning and mobile games. Adhering to best practises while also pushing creative boundaries.

Technical Art

Danielle often builds what she designs - with web development experience and game programming/technical art in Unity.

Dev Blog

A Trip Through the Woods - Setting the Scene

Next step in creating my Cabin Scene UI was to build all the assets in Blender....

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A Trip Through the Woods - Concept and early stages stuff

Eager to jump right into this project, I didn’t spend too much time with concept art as it would be easy for me to get stuck there. Being an artist is my day job- getting straight into coding/Unity was important...

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A Trip Through the Woods - Keeping the scope tight.

I’ve been playing with a 3D low poly style lately- it’s simple and time wise doesn’t take me as long as making something more realistic. It should make the learning process easier....

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Danielle is available for freelance or collaborative projects.