It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:
The Gang Goes Mobile

Joining the team as UI/UX Manager just before soft launch, I identified usability issues and worked with the team to improve the UI/ UX before World Wide launch.


Improve User Experience

Identify key usability issues and provide achievable solutions to help improve the user experience before game launch.

Increase Key Metrics

Work with stakeholders and the Analytics team to identify key drop-off spots in the FTUE, and increase retention and engagement.

Develop UX Research Process

Develop guidelines for running in-house usability tests and drive a research mindset.

In-house Testing

Provided 2 in-house moderated usability test sessions of early game builds.

To source participates for the test, we recuited local game students that fit our target demographic via a screening questionaire.

Participants were asked to complete a set of tasks during the FTUE and early game. Participants also completed a 10-question questionnaire at the end of their session.

Qualitative and quantitative data was gathered and presented in a full report, complete with suggestions on how to address key issues. was used to test the FTUE and early game experience.

Working with Playtestcloud allowed us to run more frequent tests, and freed up the time taken to moderate in-house.

We further iterated on the FTUE and early game based off of the direct feedback from the playtests, and longitudinal study sessions

The Usability Test Report

  • ✓ Report Summary
  • ✓ High Level Recommendations
  • ✓ Test Objectives
  • ✓ Constraints
  • ✓ Method
  • ✓ Results Quantitative
  • ✓ Results Qualitative
  • ✓ Detailed Recommendations

Applying the Results

Identified key areas in the UI that could be improved; worked with the team to implement the solutions via wireframes, prototypes, and implementation in Unity.

After implementation, further usability tests were conducted in order to verify the solutions.


✓ Increased engagement and retention

✓ Increased general game concept comprehension

✓ Implemented studio wide UX Research process