The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Lead UI/UX designer on Combat Mods, a feature which allows players to enhance their character's abilities by acquiring and equipping mods of different types and sets. I oversaw the UX design of the system, ensuring high usability on a very complex feature.

Combat Mods

UI Screens and Flow

Designing a system of screens and interactions to allow players to easily view and manage Combat Mods.

Iconography System

Developing an iconography system that blended current in-game iconography with new symbols to create added meaning.

Prototype and Test

Prototyping the feature using inVision, and working with UX Research team to plan Prototype test cases.

Ideation and Iteration

Developed a visual system that clearly communicated 4 different kinds of Combat Mods and their effects.

It needed to be clear to the user that they could combine sets of Combat Mods to create a Set Bonus, and that the 5th slot could be used to equip any kind of Combat Mod.

Before settling on the final design, the team iterated on a variety of visual concepts which explored different shapes and layouts for the slots.

Combat Mods Default View

Combat Mods Detailed Management View

Detailed Combat Mod Management

After user testing the new system using inVision, it became clear that the original view did not provide enough functionality for those who wanted a more detailed way to manage their Combat Mods.

We left the default view as it was to keep the system easy to understand for new players, but created a detailed management screen for more highly-engaged players to deep dive and master use of the system.

Communicating Combat Mod Info

Our user tests also indicated that the FTUE alone was not enough to teach the player such a complex system.

Combat Mods is a detailed and nuanced feature that takes time to learn. To make it easier for the player to learn as they go, we included an Info Pop-up which gave very detailed information into what each Mod did: how the slots worked, and what all the iconography meant..

Combat Mods Info Screen - Mod Info

Combat Mods Info Screen -Slot Info